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About us

Wenzhou Yongli suitcase Co., Ltd. is located in the shore of The East China -- Ruian Economic Development Zone, which close to 104 national highway, enjoying convenient transportation.
Yongli was set up in 1992, has more than 20 years of experience, which is one of the earliest suitecase enterprises of Wenzhou, Yongli pursues perfection in the suitcase manufacturing field. it has experienced a continuous improvement in the manufacturing capacity of soft and hard luggage series such as ABS, EVA, PC, PET and PP. With novel designs,gorgeous looks,

and practical functions, its products not only provide convenience for people's life, but also contributes to its industrial expansion into a strong and large corporation. The company now has an area of 30000 square meters and 400 employees, with an annual production capacity of 2 million bags and cases, fixed assets of 160 million yuan and annual production capacity of 200 million yuan.

Yongli lays emphasis on the research and development of professional technology and the cultivation of creativity. It has a sound R&D process and perfect R&D facilities. Spending 4% of its sales revenue on R&D each year, Yongli carries out cooperation with colleges and universities in industry, teaching and research, and enhances the construction of enterprise intellectual property management system. Up to now, it has achieved more than 60 patents for invention and practical technology. It has won many honorary titles such as "High-tech Enterprise", "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise of Science and Technology ", "Meritorious Enterprise of China's Major Bag-producing City ", "Star Enterprise of Zhejiang Leather Industry", "Well-known Trademark of Wenzhou ", "Advanced Foreign Trade Export Enterprise" and so on. Yongli attaches importance to the cultivation of corporate culture and the training of professionals. The company has launched an omni-directional appointment of professionals in the fields of materials, modification, molding, grain treatment and stress analysis. Its R&D staff is composed of 30 professionals, of whom one has a doctoral degree, 1% have master's degrees, and more than 20 have been engaged in this industry for more than 20 years. The company cultivates employees' attitude and spirit of "striving for unity, seeking truth and innovation" through party building, EHS committee and other special activities. Its people-oriented "home culture" has strengthened the employees' unity and sense of belonging to the enterprise.

Yongli has been working to enhance its strength and expand international market. The company has acquired the ISO9000 enterprise management system certification. With 7 advanced production lines and strict quality inspection system, it boasts quality assurance in the whole production process from raw material to finished product delivery. Its business can be found in over 30 countries of Europe, the Middle East and North America and its products are popular with customers around the globe. Yongli is ready to take social responsibility and benefits the society. The company has invested heavily in the comprehensive treatment of waste water, waste gas and dangerous solid waste. On the basis of achieving BSCI certification, SEDEX certification, ICS certification and other certifications, the company has established a complete management system and perfect environmental protection facilities to inject new vitality into the global environmental protection cause and contribute new strength to the well-being of mankind.

For future development, Yongli will remain true to its original aspirations, strengthen its confidence, and stick to sincerity. It will take it as its responsibility to make an "honest private enterprise" and a world brand. The company is to integrate itself into the main channel of global economic and social development while entering a new era, and starting a new journey. We expect more achievements!

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